My personal meal plan

October 15th, 200912:07 am @ Jason Lee


My personal meal plan

This was my meal plan for three months this summer (2009). I gained 16 pounds (at least 13 pounds of which were muscle) in 12 weeks with this plan. I had an internship for the whole summer, so these meals all catered to that. Also, note that this plan is very specific to me. Read my notes at the end for further clarification.

Breakfast: 8:30am-8:50am

  • 1 bowl of cereal (70 grams Carb from Cereal, 20 grams Carb from Milk, 90 grams Carb in total; 10 grams Protein)
  • I use Cheerios from General Mills (NO SUGAR) mixed with a little bit of Cocoa Krispies from Kellogg’s. I find this mixture to be the best one so far because it is not too sweet (you can control how sweet it is by varying the amount of Cocoa). Trust me, eating cereal will be WORK once you have to eat two bowls everyday for a year.
  • You can also eat oatmeal instead of cereal. I find it convenient for me personally to eat cereal.
  • You should eat cereal because it has a lot of carbohydrates and does not have anything unhealthy (unless when it has too much sugar).

1st snack: 10:30am-10:50am

Lunch: 12:30pm-12:55pm

  • One sandwich with Roast beef, Swiss cheese, and Lettuce (45 grams Carb, 25 grams protein)
  • Hand down most popular and convenient food for lunch
  • I notice that the prepared frozen food is very affordable and not that unhealthy either. I think it is not a bad choice at all if you want some variations.

2nd snack: 2:45pm-3pm

  • 2 chewy granola bars and some other snacks (50 grams Carb, 10 grams Protein)
  • OR: 1 serving of these prepared food (e.g. Chicken parmersan pasta) (50 grams Carb, 30 grams Protein)
  • OR: another sandwich (45 grams Carb, 25 grams Protein)

Post workout: 5:45pm-6pm

  • One weight gain shake (65 grams Carb, 50 grams Protein)
  • Skip this meal on non-training day

Dinner: 6:45pm-7:20pm

  • One plate of pasta with chicken wings and broccoli with tomato or basil pesto sauce (100 grams Carb, 40 grams Protein)
  • Believe it or not, I eat this same dinner everyday for the whole summer without ever getting sick of it. I think that if you can find one meal that you really like and eat it in the right amount every time, you will never get bored with it.
  • Pasta, just like cereal and oatmeal, is the best source for good carbohydrates.
  • To me, this dish is a godsend. It will be extremely hard for you to gain weights without eating pasta.

3rd snack: 9pm-9:15pm

4th snack: 10:15pm-10:30pm

  • One bowl of cereal (60 grams Carb from cereal, 10 grams Carb from milk; 10 grams Protein)

5th snack: 11-11:15pm

  • One protein shake (2 scoops-60grams) (50 grams Protein) Casein Protein

Total: 475 grams Carb, 295 grams Protein.


  1. I did not calculate the fat level because it is not easy and also not important to do. Most of what I eat everyday is low on fat, so I don’t have to worry about eating too much of it. I mix my pasta with a table spoon of Olive Oil too, so I know for sure that I get some good fat in there. In total, including the fat, my daily calories intake is about 3400 grams, which was what I needed to gain muscle.
  2. I had to eat so often because it is impossible for me to eat a big meal in one sitting. That sucks! I know. But I worked around it, and everything has been fine so far. But if you can eat twice as much as me in one sitting, then everything will be much easier for you.
  3. This plan is by no means the best meal plan out there. It caters to my personal preferences and busy schedule of the summer. I still have to tweak it here and there sometimes, and so should you.
  4. This plan helps prove to you that even if you work or go to school full-time, there is no excuse for not eating enough nutrition to get big.
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